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International Conference on
Veterinary Science

September 21-22, 2022 | Paris, France
VET 2022

Unexplained haemorrhagic fever in rural Ethiopia

zegeye Hailemariam Tessema, Speaker at veterinary
Emory University, Ethiopia
Title : Unexplained haemorrhagic fever in rural Ethiopia


This case study was written based on events of an outbreak investigation of an unfamiliar disease in Ethiopia during October–December 2012. Ethiopia did not have reports of similar cases in the 50 years prior to this outbreak. In this case study, we recapitulate and analyse this outbreak investigation based on data gathered from the community, health facility, and laboratory systems. It can be used to teach: 1) the outbreak investigation process; 2) selection of appropriate epidemiological design for the investigation process, 3) basic statistical analysis of surveillance data, and 4) principals of disease control. The target audiences for this case study are officials working in public health and public health trainees. It will take at most 3.5 hours to complete this case study. At the end of the case study, participants should be able to apply the principals of outbreak investigation and use surveillance data to respond to an outbreak in their country-specific context.