International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | Online Event
VET 2023


Sanjib, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Assam Agricultural University, India
Title : Ameliorative effect of phytogenic feed additives on thermal stress in growing Pigs


Imbalance between metabolic heat production and its dissipation results in heat stress under hot-humid climate. This study aimed to investigate the correlation of IGFs, IGFBPs and IGFBPRs of grower pigs with change in temperature humidity index (THI). THI was calculated to know the months of the year when pigs feel discomfort and samples feed offered were analysed to know the nutritional availability/deficit. The calculated average THI was above thermal comfort zone during seven months in a year. It was observed that Crude Protein (CP) and Metabolizeable Energy (ME) availability to pigs were deficient. Gilts of two months age and similar body weight were randomly divided into two groups (n=6); Con-fed animals (feed offered by the farmer) and For-fed animals (formulated feed supplement + Con-fed). The composition of formulated feed supplement was dried leaf of Moringa oleifera, Soybean meal, rice mill waste and mineral mixture fortified with 500 ppm of Zinc. The plasma cortisol level was increased in the experimental animals with accelerated THI as evidenced from the strong positive correlation of THI with HSP70 & HSP90. The level of leptin and ghrelin did not have significant relation with the expression level of HSPs in the present study, however in the control animals a low level of leptin was observed. The correlation between the growth factors and HSPs was not significant. During the season, where the THI was above thermal comfort zone, the IGFBPR and IGFBP concentrations were non-significantly increased along with the increased THI. It may be concluded that the phytogenic feed additives can be use to ameliorate thermal stress in farm animals that do not possess functional sweat glands.

Audience Take Away:  

  • The audience could understand the use to phyogenic feed additives in reducing thermal stress. 
  • The audience could identify some pants that having growth promoting effect on pigs. 
  • The researcher could understand the specific effect of thermal stress in growth.  


Dr. S. Borah awarded Ph.D. degree in the discipline of Veterinary Physiology from Assam Agricultural University, India. He is involved in teaching Veterinary Physiology from 2014 in Assam Agricultural University. Apart from teaching assignment he is actively involved in research work in the capacity of principal investigator and co-principal investigator in research project funded by different agencies. He was also a part of the research team to produce world’s first Yak Calf born through ETT. His research works have been recognised and published in various capacities at national and international platforms. His contribution to the peer reviewed journals has been recognised in the capacity of member of editorial board, scientific review board. He is active member of different scientific societies and associations of national and international repute.