International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | Online Event

VET 2023

Lowell Ackerman, Speaker at Veterinary Science Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Lowell Ackerman, American College of Veterinary Dermatology, Canada

Canine pyoderma is a common entity seen in small animal veterinary practice, and despite the fact that it rarely occurs as a primary event caused by pathogenic bacteria, historically the treatment approach has been to rely on systemic antibiotic therapy, often for several weeks. [....] » Read More

Colin Sakinofsky, Speaker at Animal Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Colin Sakinofsky, L2D Architects, Australia

It’s not every day that an architect has the opportunity to design the Australian National Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility. And in your own back yard.  Background: In all our years as Specialists in Research Design, namely Laboratories, Biomedical, Pharmaceuti [....] » Read More

  Aleksandra Troscianczyk, Speaker at Veterinary Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Aleksandra Troscianczyk, University of Life Sciences, Poland

Enterococcus are pathogens that can cause nosocomial infections. Their ability to form biofilm influences the growth of virulence and also contributes to increase of antimicrobial resistance. Certain virulence factors may play an important role in biofilm formation. The aim of th [....] » Read More

Abhina Mohanan, Speaker at Veterinary Conference 
Oral Presentation
Abhina Mohanan, JIPMER, India

"Epigenetics" is the term used to study the biological mechanisms that modify gene expression but not the primary DNA sequence. Post-translational biochemical changes to histones, nucleosome's main protein, or cytosine base methylation in DNA may bring epigenetic mo [....] » Read More

Tsvetan Tsvetkov, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Tsvetan Tsvetkov, Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction- Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Beekeeping has a significant role regarding the food and pharmaceutical industry. The production of pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and bee venom is an important factor for the human health and nutrition. Honey bees are the main pollinator for over 70% of agricultural crop [....] » Read More

Peter M Skip Scheifele, Speaker at VET Conference
Oral Presentation
Peter M Skip Scheifele, University of Cincinnati, United States

It is estimated that there are 70 million companion dogs and 5 million horses in the United States (American Veterinary Medical Association, 2012). Animal audiology is a relatively new branch of audiology, developing worldwide in an effort to assist pet owners and animal professi [....] » Read More

Carla Asorey Blazquez, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Carla Asorey Blazquez, Dick White Referrals, United Kingdom

Aim of this case report: Liver lobe torsion is an uncommon condition in dogs. The goal of this report was to describe an uncommon presentation of this pathology where bicavitary haemorrhagic effusion and abcessation were diagnosed. Case presentation: A 4-year-old male neu [....] » Read More

Carla Asorey Blazquez, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Carla Asorey Blazquez, Dick White Referrals, United Kingdom

Aims of the study: Chronic cough is a common complaint in small animal internal medicine. The aim of this study was to describe the most common causes of chronic cough in dogs.   Material and methods: The medical records from a referral centre in the United Kingdom were r [....] » Read More

Marisa Gil Lapetra, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Marisa Gil Lapetra, Conectact Soluciones Y Aplicationes, Spain

Addressing the growing need for standardized animal health records during international travel, this work presents a cutting-edge integration of the Unified Identification Protocol for Training and Health, the International Civil Aviation Organization's Emergency Travel Docum [....] » Read More

Minakshi Arya, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Minakshi Arya, North Dakota State University, United States

Mastitis, characterized by inflammation of the mammary gland due to microbial infection, is recognized as the most expensive ailment in dairy cattle. The economic impact stems largely from decreased milk production, with mammary tissue damage leading to reduced activity of milk-p [....] » Read More

Steven Theriault, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Steven Theriault, Cytophage Technologies, Canada

Disease transmission of avian borne bacterial pathogens such as Salmonella spp. and Escherichia spp. are a major global health concern in both developed and developing countries. Due to the overuse and mismanagement of antibiotic intervention, along with their residual presence i [....] » Read More

Rajkumar Sah, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Poster Presentation
Rajkumar Sah, Bihar Agricultural University, India

Livestock biodiversity is essential for food and livelihood security, but animal genetic resources are still underutilized and underconserved. A lot of genetic diversity exists in livestock breeds/population with respect to uniqueness in production potential, adaptability and dis [....] » Read More

Aya Atef Mohamed Abd Elrazek Kandil, Speaker at Veterinary Conference 
Poster Presentation
Aya Atef Mohamed Abd Elrazek Kandil, Animal Health Research Institute, Egypt

The study was conducted to throw more light on the changes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) concentration in milk introduced for yoghurt manufacture steps till 120 hours of cold storage. It was clear that heat treatment at 90?C for 20 minutes during manufacture of yoghu [....] » Read More

Farhad Karimi, Speaker at Veterinary Science Conferences
Poster Presentation
Farhad Karimi, Urmia University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Gulls are water birds with a wide distribution worldwide and habitats very close to the human environment. Due to being a migrant and omnivorous diet of these birds, they can contract and transmit many diseases all over the world. This research aimed to investigate the parasitic [....] » Read More

Annalisa Berns, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Annalisa Berns, Pet Search and Rescue Investigations, United States

Learn from two top Pet Detectives and K9 Handlers about lost dog and cat behavior, first studied with the perspective of search-and-rescue by MAR Network Director Kat Albrecht. “Due to a background in search-and-rescue (searching for lost people), Kat understood the critica [....] » Read More

Andreia Freitas, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Andreia Freitas, INIAV/REQUIMTE, Portugal

Animal welfare is nowadays a growing concern specially in relation with the intensive animal production for food industry. The implementation of biosecurity measures can provide tools to guarantee the proper and healthy animal farming. In fact, and in accordance with the Sustaina [....] » Read More

Kishalay Paria, Speaker at Veterinary Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Kishalay Paria, Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, India

Zoonotic disease or Zoonosis is a group of infectious disease that can cross the species boundary and can transmitted between animals to humans or from humans to animals. Most of the time, it became a great concern for our society when zoonotic disease transmitted from wild or do [....] » Read More

Sukanta Biswas, Speaker at Veterinary Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Sukanta Biswas, University of Animal & Fishery Sciences, India

Small Animal particularly Goat, Sheep & Pigs are important animals in subsistence agriculture on account of unique ability to adopt and maintain themselves in rural harsh environment. These farming practices plays crucial role for improving livelihood and socio-economic statu [....] » Read More

Asma Waheed Qureshi, Speaker at Animal Science Conferences
Oral Presentation
Asma Waheed Qureshi, Govt. College Women University Sialkot, Pakistan

The Present study is aimed at evaluating in vitro activity of ethnolic, n-hexane andacetone extracts of medicinal plants; Cumminum cyminum, Syzgium aromaticum and Capsicum annuum against bovine mastitogens. Bacterial mastitogens isolated from milk samples and their strains were c [....] » Read More

Rajashree Mishra, Speaker at Veterinary science conferences
Oral Presentation
Rajashree Mishra, Odisha University of Agriculture & Technologu(OUAT), India

Bacterial isolates from 3600 milk samples chronic mastitis of cattle were screened over a period of march 2019 to December 2022 were subjected to routine isolation and identification.  Antibiotic sensitivity testing of all samples for both biofilm faoming and planktonic form [....] » Read More

Changjiang Weng, Speaker at Veterinary science conferences
Oral Presentation
Changjiang Weng, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, China

African swine fever is an acute, highly contagious infectious disease caused by African swine fever virus (ASFV). The virus can infect domestic pigs or wild boars. In the past four months, more than 16,000 ASF cases have been reported in 27 countries. Therefore, prevention and co [....] » Read More

Mahmoud M Elalfy, Speaker at Veterinary science conferences
Oral Presentation
Mahmoud M Elalfy, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Aim: The study was aimed to explore the protective effect of melatonin against silver nitrates induced toxicity in pregnant female rats. Methods and materials:  Twenty-four pregnant female rats were divided into four groups each group contained six rats weigh 18 [....] » Read More

Anna Kasprzyk, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Anna Kasprzyk, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland

The aim of the study was to analyze selected elements of the nutritional status of the red deer (Cervus elaphus) reared on organic farms. The botanical composition of the meadow-pasture feeding ground and water resources were analyzed. The 109-ha farm had an ecological certificat [....] » Read More

Dibyendu Biswas, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Dibyendu Biswas, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh

Respiratory diseases of cattle are very costly and deadly disease and among them contagious bovine pleura-pneumonia (CBPP) is a silent killer, that was listed an OIE, caused by Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides, a member of the Mycoplasma mycoides. The aim of the present study [....] » Read More

Ana Margarida Ribeiro, Speaker at International Conference on Veterinary Science
Oral Presentation
Ana Margarida Ribeiro, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are a group of musculoskeletal diseases affecting masticatory muscles, temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and associated structures, which can significantly influence a patient’s quality of life.Although the etiology it is not clear, it ha [....] » Read More

Tamara Ricardo, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Tamara Ricardo, Instituto Nacional de Epidemiología, Argentina

Domestic dogs and cats may act as epidemiological links between environments contaminated with pathogenic Leptospira and humans. The province of Santa Fe, Argentina, is endemic for leptospirosis and presents epidemic outbreaks during floods. However, few studies have ev [....] » Read More

Wardhana April Hari, Speaker at veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Wardhana April Hari, Research Centre for Veterinary Science, Indonesia

Surra is disease caused by a blood-flagellated protozoan, Trypanosoma evansi resulting in a major economic loss. The parasite can attack all livestock, wild animals, including humans (zoonosis). Various diagnostic methods have been developed; however they have limitations. Theref [....] » Read More

Melissa Shyan Norwalt, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Melissa Shyan Norwalt, University of Cincinnati, United States

A relationship—whether intentional or not—is often established between humans and animals in veterinary facilities, agricultural facilities, and laboratories. Behavioral theorists suggest that human-animal relationships can take several different forms.  Research [....] » Read More

Mark Okot, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Oral Presentation
Mark Okot, Conservation Through Public Health, Uganda

Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), a 20-year-old award-winning NGO, promotes biodiversity conservation by enabling people, gorillas and other wildlife to coexist through improving their health and livelihoods in and around Africa’s protected areas. CTPH has three in [....] » Read More

Sanjib, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Poster Presentation
Sanjib, Assam Agricultural University, India

Imbalance between metabolic heat production and its dissipation results in heat stress under hot-humid climate. This study aimed to investigate the correlation of IGFs, IGFBPs and IGFBPRs of grower pigs with change in temperature humidity index (THI). THI was calculated to know t [....] » Read More

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