International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | Online Event
VET 2023

Kishalay Paria

Kishalay Paria, Speaker at Veterinary Science Conferences
Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, India
Title : Causes, prevention and control of zoonotic diseases


Zoonotic disease or Zoonosis is a group of infectious disease that can cross the species boundary and can transmitted between animals to humans or from humans to animals. Most of the time, it became a great concern for our society when zoonotic disease transmitted from wild or domesticated animal to human. From various historic documents its evident that zoonotic diseases can destroy a whole civilization or emperor.  There are several devastating zoonotic disease of human i.e. anthrax, plague, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Ebola, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Zoonotic diseases are particularly important, as about 60 % of the 1,407 human pathogen species are zoonotic. In 2019 COVID -19 pandemic was appeared as a threat to global health, and it destroyed the sustainable economic status of our society. Actually, wide spectrum inter-host specific zoonotic diseases are more harmful than intra host. Steps taken to control or prevent the zoonotic disease epidemic and pandemic had a long term health, socio-economic, cultural impacts. Some poultry framers and fish farmers are using huge amount of antibiotics for controlling the zoonotic diseases. These drugs can enter into human bodies through biomagnifications. For that reason, unknowingly our gut microbial flora can resist antibacterial drug that is major threat of human beings. The onset and spillover of zoonotic diseases depends upon several factors such as- grazing, animal husbandry, socio-economic status, environmental factors, lack of proper sanitation system, food habit, traditional animal derived food processing systems etc. In current COVID-19 context, we can take following steps to control zoonotic diseases i.e. mass awareness program by government and other stakeholders, development of edible and effective vaccine, target to herbal and natural products for treatment of zoonotic diseases.

Keywords: Herbal product, Sanitation system, animal husbandry, multi host.

Audience Take Away:

  • What is zoonotic diseases.
  • How does it spread
  • How does it affect our society
  • Control measures
  • Our role in prevention and controlling
  • A proper knowledge about the infectious zoonotic disease can improve the physical and mental health of a person which can in tern improve their performance at job.
  • Although several researchers are involved in these types of research, yet of course this research can be used to expand other research work and teaching. In the recent pandemic context the whole world is searching for the causes and cure for various zoonotic diseases. This work will provide a large number of scientific information for teaching and open up some opportunities for future research.
  • By knowing the hosts and infection route of zoonotic diseases, it is possible to break the infection chain of these diseases like SARS, MARS, COVID-19.
  • During animal farming, trading proper precaution can be taken to prevent the transmission of the diseases.
  • To modify animal eating habit
  • This knowledge will help to vaccine development. Yet numerous challenges and constrains with regard to its practical applications on a large commercial scale still prevail.
  • It will help people to know the causes routes and reservoirs of zoonosis.  It will help to protect and prevent zoonosis during animal farming, animal trading and animal eating. Vaccine development is the most important aim of the study. Prevent mankind from zoonosis by using natural and herbal product is the other objective.


Dr. Kishalay Paria completed the Ph.D. degree from Vidyasagar University, India. Now He join as Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, OIST, Vidyasagar University. He has published some research papers and few book chapters in reputed international journal. Recently he selected as Bentham Ambassador. He is life member of Biotech Research Society, India. He serve as reviewer for scholarly journals such as: Phytotherapy Research (Wiley), Heliyon (Elsevier), Recent Patents on nanotechnology  (Bentham Science), Sustainability, Agriculture, Food and Environmental Research, International Journal of Optics and Photonic Engineering, VIBGYOR. He serves as Editorial board member of SCIREA Journal of Environment. He serve as Research consultant in Tarama Feed Product   for more than 10 years. He selected as invited speaker International Conference and Expo on Applied Microbiology"and Global Meet on Food Science and Technology (GMFST2023)