International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | Online Event
VET 2023

Annalisa Berns

Annalisa Berns, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Pet Search and Rescue Investigations, United States
Title : Lost dog and cat behavior


Learn from two top Pet Detectives and K9 Handlers about lost dog and cat behavior, first studied with the perspective of search-and-rescue by MAR Network Director Kat Albrecht. “Due to a background in search-and-rescue (searching for lost people), Kat understood the critical connection between behavior and the distances that people travel when lost. It made sense to Kat that the behavior of cats (and dogs) would also influence the distances that they travel.” This presentation will include information about lost pet behavior, real-life case examples, information about using Search Dogs to find missing pets and more!


Annalisa Berns: Owner, Search Dog Handler & Licensed Private Investigator Annalisa Berns is the owner of Pet Search and Rescue and Pet Search and Rescue Investigations. She dreamed of working with animals from a young age. Annalisa found her life’s work when she read Kat Albrecht’s book, “The Lost Pet Chronicles.” She is passionate about educating people about how to bring their lost pets home. On a lost pet case Annalisa usually works 2-3 Search Dogs. She also coaches people how to find their lost pets. Website: Landa Coldiron: Owner & Search Dog Handler Two-time award winning Bloodhound Handler Landa Coldiron, works specially trained Search Dogs to help locate lost pets. She specializes in educating people about lost cat and dog behavior. She has trained with Bloodhound Coalition Members, retired police, Search and Rescue Managers, volunteer Sheriff K9 handlers and California Rescue Dog Association/Area Search and Trailing Dog personnel. Former clients have included the Riverside County Sheriff Department, major pet outlets, celebrities, veterinarians, and a major motion picture television studio.