International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | Online Event
VET 2023

Marisa Gil Lapetra

Marisa Gil Lapetra, Speaker at Veterinary Conference
Conectact Soluciones Y Aplicationes, Spain
Title : Revolutionizing Veterinary Practices with an International Health Booklet


Addressing the growing need for standardized animal health records during international travel, this work presents a cutting-edge integration of the Unified Identification Protocol for Training and Health, the International Civil Aviation Organization's Emergency Travel Documents (ICAO ETD), HL7's Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) for the International Patient Summary (IPS), and Smart Health Cards (SHC) in QR code format. This combination creates an innovative International Health Booklet (IHB) for animals, available in both printed and digital formats (through a mobile app).
The Unified Identification Protocol offers a robust framework to verify and trace the training and health history of animals, enhancing the clarity and reliability of their health status. It provides a foundation upon which the other components build to create a comprehensive, international health system.
The ICAO Emergency Travel Document offers a globally recognized, secure identity verification system for pets. It fast-tracks cross-border procedures, ensuring seamless travel experiences while adhering to international standards.
HL7 FHIR facilitates IPS integration, providing real-time access to critical pet health data, aiding global veterinary communication, and enabling swift emergency responses. This standardization ensures consistency and interoperability of health records, irrespective of geography.
SMART Health Cards, encoded in QR format, bring convenience and immediacy to the system. Each QR code encapsulates encrypted health data, providing essential health information on demand. As every health record is registered on the blockchain, a corresponding QR code is generated and delivered to the pet owner, ensuring chronological traceability and immutability.
Additionally, the blockchain hosts the signature for each SMART Health Card. While the size of post-quantum computing signatures poses a challenge, hosting the signature on the blockchain instead of in the QR code itself keeps the QR manageable. This forethought not only future-proofs the system against quantum computing advancements but also optimizes the security and efficiency of the International Health Booklet.
In conclusion, the integration of the Unified Identification Protocol, ICAO Emergency Travel Document, HL7 FHIR for International Patient Summary, and SMART Health Cards establishes a transformative International Health Booklet for animals. This solution streamlines the veterinary procedures for international animal travel, delivering efficient, secure health management of animals across borders and propelling global veterinary practices into a new era.


Audience Take Away:  

  • Explain how the audience will be able to use what they learn?
    The audience will learn about the integration of various technologies to create an International Health Booklet (IHB) for animals. They will understand how International Patient Summary, SMART Health Cards and blockchain work together to streamline veterinary procedures for international animal travel. This knowledge can be applied by veterinary professionals, animal health regulators, and stakeholders involved in animal travel to ensure standardized and efficient management of animal health records.
  • How will this help the audience in their job? 
    This research will help the audience in their job by providing them with an International Patient Summary for animals facilitating immediate, comprehensive access to an animal's health history, facilitating effective diagnosis and treatment, and enhancing global veterinary communication for better health outcomes. The standardized animal health records will enhance the clarity, reliability, and efficiency of their work, ultimately benefiting the overall management of animal health.
  • Is this research that other faculty could use to expand their research or teaching? 
    Yes, it offers opportunities for further exploration and innovation in the field of animal health management and research. International Health Booklet provides standardized, robust datasets for veterinary research and clinical trials, thereby enhancing the understanding of animal health patterns and expediting the development and validation of new treatments.
  • Does this provide a practical solution to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient? 
    Yes. The International Health Booklet provides a practical solution to the problem of standardized animal health records and for international travel. By integrating various technologies, it simplifies the management of animal health information and enhances efficiency. Designers involved in developing systems for animal health management, veterinary procedures, or cross-border protocols can benefit from this research as it offers a comprehensive and standardized approach to streamline their work and improve overall efficiency.
  • Will it improve the accuracy of a design, or provide new information to assist in a design problem? 
    Yes. By providing standardized and real-time access to pet health data, facilitating communication between veterinarians, and ensuring traceability and immutability of records, the system offers a reliable and up-to-date source of information. This accuracy will assist designers in creating protocols, systems, and procedures that align with international standards and regulatory requirements.
  • List all other benefits.

Other benefits of the IHB system include:
-    Enhanced traceability and immutability of animal health records through blockchain technology.
-    Seamless cross-border procedures for pets, adhering to international standards and regulations.
-    Improved global veterinary communication and collaboration.
-    Swift emergency responses based on real-time access to critical pet health data.
-    Convenience and immediacy in accessing essential health information through SMART Health Cards in QR code format.
-    Future-proofing against advancements in quantum computing by hosting signatures on the blockchain.
-    Optimization of security and efficiency in managing animal health records.
-    Propelling global veterinary practices into a new era of standardized and integrated animal health management.


Marisa Gil, CEO of ConnectHealth has a double-Master in Macroeconomic and Quantitative Analysis from the Complutense University and the Université de Paris X. Marisa has worked over a decade in international organizations (Banco Mundial, OECD, Federación Internacional de Hospitales) as an economist and public health analyst. She has also collaborated with the private sector in designing public health awareness and outreach strategies, research and business. She has publications in the "Open Data Roundtables for health policy strategies", Washington DC 2014; "Global Alliance of Health and Pollution", New York 2016; "World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy" Seattle 2017 and "American College of Healthcare Executives" Chicago 2018.