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International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | London, UK
VET 2023

Majid Bannai

Majid Bannai, Speaker at Veterinary Conference 
University of Basrah, Iraq
Title : Genetic detection of Theileria annulata protozoa blood parasite infestation the cattle and buffalo, in basrah, south of Iraq using the 18S rRNA gene


Theileriosis are obligate intracellular parasites that are animal diseases transmitted by tick vectors, causing mild to severe disease in the mammalian host. The knowledge distributions of Theileria spp. in the South of Iraq are not completely understood. In this study, blood samples were collected from sixteen blood cattle and Buffalo, in Basrah, south of Iraq. DNA was extracted from the whole blood samples by following the procedure in the leaflet of the commercial kit (GeneaidDNA extraction kit - Bioneer Corporation, AccuPower® PCR PreMix). Use the primers were the forward primer 5'CAGGATT GCTTTCGCAACAAG3' and the reverse primer 5'CCTTGAC ATAACCGGCGAGG3' that amplifies the 18S rRNA gene. The sequences determined were compared using the algorithm BLASTn with those available in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database. The results indicated that 18S rRNA gene sequences from 16 samples were similar to the 18S rRNA gene sequences in Theileria annulata. We observed an overall prevalence rate of 50 % hemiparasite infection. Phylogenetic analysis revealed one Theileria spp. The results showed that the taxon with one common with strong nodal support. This represents the first molecular phylogeny report to identify Theileria spp. in cattle and consider the cattle are a new host record. This study aimed to determine the diversity of Theileria spp. using 18S rRNA-based PCR to detect parasites in cattle followed by cloning and sequencing. Keywords Theileria spp, 18S rRNA gene. Cattle. South of Iraq