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International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | London, UK
VET 2023


Salim, Speaker at veterinary congress
Salahaddin University, Iraq
Title : The effect of Genetic and Non-Genetic factors Birth and weaning weights in Saanen goats


Analysis of 52 records (kids No. =60­, Sire No=6, Does No= 52) of Saanen goats presented in Rasan animal farm in Halabja plain, the age of goats ranged between (21.4-26.2) months. The aim of this study is to investigate the genetic and non-genetic factors (sex and type of birth) affecting Birth weight (BW), Weaning weight (WW) and Gain Weight (GW) characteristics of Saanen goats raised under Kurdistan region of Iraq conditions, it also aims at estimating heritability’s, BLUP, phenotypic, genetic and their correlations of (BW, WW and GW).

The results showed there was significant difference in kid’s sex birth weight and weaning weight, but there was significant effect of the type of birth on first lactation stage of milk production, does with single kid produced more milk than does with twin kids. The heritability estimated of BW, WW, and GW, (0.19,0.23 and 0.19) respectively, however, the genetic and phenotypic correlation had positive and highly significant(P≤0.01) effected between BW, WW, and GW, genetic correlation ranged between (0.42 to 0.52) and phenotypic correlation ranged between (0.32 to 0.68). Result demonstrated that the breeding value Blup (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) of sire (buck) ranged between (0.328 to -0.375). (1.09 to -1.959) and (0.960 to -1.925) for BW, WW and GW. Respectively, it concluded that selection of does and bucks at the population level in planned selection schemes based on BLUP value, heritability and genetic, phenotypic correlation.


I'm a Bachelor of Animal Resource 2009 from Salahaddin University, College of Agriculture, Erbil and Master from Livestock Production 2013, Writtle College, UK