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International Conference on
Veterinary Science

August 28-30, 2023 | London, UK

Animal Pathology

Animal Pathology

Veterinary pathologists are veterinarians that specialise in disease diagnosis using animal tissue and bodily fluids. Veterinary pathology is separated into two sections, anatomical pathology and clinical pathology, similar to medical pathology. Veterinary pathologists play a vital role in medication discovery and safety, as well as scientific research, in addition to diagnosing disease in food-producing animals, companion animals, zoo animals, and wildlife. Animal pathologists, often known as veterinary pathologists, work to safeguard the health of cattle, pets, zoo and wild animals, as well as humans. Consumer risks can be detected by animal pathologists researching animals that produce food. Post-mortem examinations are performed by pathologists to determine the cause of death in animals. Veterinary pathologists work alongside veterinarians to figure out what's causing an animal's disease. The identification of a mortality aids research in the prevention of diseases in living animals. Pathologists may work in research to produce vaccines and medicine to treat diseases in both animals and humans.

  • Animal Models
  • Chemical and Drug Safety
  • Diagnostic Investigations of Diseases
  • Environmental and Pharmaceutical Hazards
  • Experimental Studies
  • Genetic Modification of Animals
  • Histopathology
  • Mechanisms
  • Wildlife and Zoo Animal Pathology
Committee Members
Speaker at Veterinary Science 2023 - Andreia Freitas

Andreia Freitas

Speaker at Veterinary Science 2023 - Amira Awad Moawad

Amira Awad Moawad

Friedrich Löffler Institute, Germany
VET 2023 Speakers
Speaker at Veterinary Science 2023 - Annalisa Berns

Annalisa Berns

Pet Search and Rescue Investigations, United States
Speaker at Veterinary Science 2023 - Colin Sakinofsky

Colin Sakinofsky

L2D Architects, Australia
Speaker at Veterinary Science 2023 -   Aleksandra Troscianczyk

Aleksandra Troscianczyk

University of Life Sciences, Poland
Speaker at Veterinary Science 2023 - Andreia Freitas

Andreia Freitas


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